We buy and consign items, with varying commission rates for each. To inquire about selling or consigning, please read the following guide and email We work to reply to all inquiries within 2 business days. 

For buying: 

  • We offer a varying rate depending on the market value of the item/s and number of items being purchased. We typically offer 30-50% of the items list price. 
  • Sellers receive a pre-paid shipping label to send in their items.
  • Payment is sent via PayPal goods and services, we will cover the additional transaction fee. 
  • Sellers are expected to ship the item within 5 business days of receiving payment. 

For consignment:

  • We pay sellers 55% for items up to $200, 65% up to $1,000, and 70% for anything over.
  • This amount is paid within 3 business days of the items sell date. 
  • There is no guarantee an item will sell, items unsold in 6 months will be returned to the seller. 
  • Sellers may ask for their item to be delisted and returned at any time. Items will be shipped via USPS ground advantage within 3 business days of the request.